Atmospheric water heater

Atmospheric Gas Fire Water Heater/Boiler

The B series is engineered to meet continuous load demands

Copper finned tubes are ideal for efficient heat transfer over a wide range of applications.  The Ace “Copper Cone” boiler combines the design advantage of finned tubing with the operational benefits of a single flowpath.  Uniform flow eliminates hot spots and minimizes liming so that maximum efficiency is achieved throughout several years of service.

Read a testimonial: 47 years of continuous operation with a single Ace water heater.See a partial list of installations.

1. Fully Non-Ferrous Waterways: all wetted surfaces are copper, bronze or brass.The Ace
2. Long life Copper Fin Coil: Uniform flow, no hot spots and less liming. Cone coil maintains its shape – no tube sagging.
3. Maximized Energy Transfer: “Extended Surface” copper fin tube heat exchanger extracts the maximums amount of heat.
4. Reliable, Efficient Burner: Atmospheric cast-iron burner maximizes efficiency and reliability.
5. Compact Cylindrical Design: Small footprint requires minimum installation space.
6. Modern, Functional Finish: Mirror finish stainless steel jacket looks great now and for years to come.
Ace series packaged water heating systems (see photo at bottom) are engineered to meet continuous load demands. Popular with Laundromats, Car Washes, and Kitchen applications, the self-supporting cone design has almost 50years of plug and play service and is a proven design offering long-lasting, trouble-free continuous service.In addition to peak load capacities, the Ace systems will handle overloads with a proportional decrease in output water temperature. For example, a 20% overload would result in a 20% decrease in the rated temperature rise.Return Loop Blend packaged models available.ApplicationsThe Ace series water heating systems are perfect for apartments, motels, school dormitories, hospitals, and restaurants. Each of these applications experience peak loads at various times during the day. The ability to meet these peak load demands are often an important criteria in selecting our packaged water heating systems.aceg as fired. The Ace boilerPressure Drop ChartPressure Drop Chart

Packaged Water Heater Features & Benefits: Packaged Storage Water Heater System 200x

Lower Installation Cost:
Unit completely plumbed and wired
      • Compact size – uses vertical/cylindrical design for minimum footprint
Cement or Pre-Krete lined ASME Section VIII storage tank for water Temp. of 180°F or 230°F respectively.
Self-supported cone coil – no sagging!
  • ETL Listed Gas-Fired heater
  • Tank thermostat and aquastat
  • Bronze circulating pump
  • Maximum tank outlet temp. to 160°F (higher temperature available – see below)
  • Electrical controls run on 120 VAC
  • Impervious to “Thermal Shock”
  • Natural Gas or propane fired
  • Will deliver 140 degree water for apartiments, condominiums, hotels and motels of virtually any size from 10 to 400 units, even during peak load times. (click here for “How to Size Water Heating Systems” for Laundry Applications)


    • Lead-Lag systems for multiple boilers
    • Compact blend tanks and “return loop blend” for low temperature applications
    • ASME Section IV glass lined storage tank (glass lining standard)

Packaged Hot Water System SchematicPackaged Hot Water Diagram 400x400