triton series

High Efficiency Near-Condensing Boilers

•  Up to 86% Thermal Efficiency

•  Up to 7:1 Turndown

•  Double Row, Double Pass, High Finned Copper Finned Heat Exchanger

•  Air cooled Interrupted Pilot w/ UV Scanner

•  Full modulation, Consistent Emissions with NOx <9 ppm and Clean Light Off

•  Small Footprint

• Heavy 18 gauge steel cabinet with highest quality UV-rated powdercoated Finish

Advanced Controls.

Triton Series™ near condensing boilers feature Honeywell’s advanced SOLA controls. SOLA provides the user with full control of boiler settings from a single, user friendly interface. By integrating numerous functions into a single compact device, SOLA offers an increased range of programming functionality while reducing the need for excessive wiring and cutting installation time.   Among the many programmable features are flame safeguard, pump control, central heating / domestic hot water high limits, PID load control and operating controls. SOLA’s advanced capabilities and numerous programming options allow you to increase efficiency, lower your fuel costs and emissions, and reduce your environmental impact.

To further enhance user control and functionality, the Triton Series™  comes standard with the enhanced SOLA display. This high-resolution touch screen display provides the user with easy and quick access to all of the system’s features and capabilities, putting all of the SOLA controller’s functions within easy reach of the operator.