Indirect Water Heaters

Precision temperature control, energy efficiency, and quiet operation. Compatible with a variety of primary heating sources. Made for diverse applications, from medical sterilization to domestic water heating.

Mini-Pack Semi Instantaneous Potable Water Heaters

The Ace Series Mini-Pack semi-instantaneous water heater is dependable and quiet, while providing commercial and institutional buildings with potable hot water. The mini pack features close temperature controls, outstanding thermal efficiency, high quality ASME coded construction, and requires minimum floor space. Available in vertical and horizontal configurations.

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Mega-Pack Packaged Storage Water Heaters

The Ace Series Packaged Storage Water Heaters are dependable and quiet. They provide peak load output and use off-peak boiler capacity. Units are available in a variety of configurations to meet a wide range of requirements for temperature rise and GPH recovery. Available for steam-to-water or water-to -water applications

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Unfired Steam Generators PSB

Ace Unfired Steam Generators are fully packaged systems ready for immediate installation. Utilize high pressure steam and high temperature water to generate clean steam for humidification, sterilization, and process applications.

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