B Series Atmospheric Gas Fired Water Heater/ Boiler

Cone copper fin coil, non-ferrous construction, small footprint. Providing potable hot water for commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.


Laundry, car wash, universities, residential,
hotels/motels, industrial plants


    • Proven, energy efficient design
    • Indoor and outdoor construction
    • ETL Listed for natural gas or propane
    • Conical copper fin coil for uniform flow without hot spots
    • Simple maintenance
    • Completely delimeable heat exchanger
    • Small footprint


  • Boiler/water heater

    • Single flow cone coil design with complete water section, including heat exchanger with cast bronze manifolds
    • Heat exchanger coiled from high profile finned copper tubing
    • Non-ferrous construction with no gasketed joints
    • ASME Section IV, stamped for 160 psig maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP)
    • Stainless steel combustion chamber
    • Spun aluminum top cap and 1” ceramic fiberglass insulation inside
    • Aluminized steel casing with 2” thick outer insulation; additional 22 gauge mirror finish stainless steel jacket for outdoor models
    • Boiler legs and bolt down lugs
  • Gas Burner

    • Cast iron ported burner with integral venturi tube and orifice for use with natural gas
  • Controls & Trim

    • Control power 120V/1ph/60Hz single-phase electronic intermittent pilot module with electric ignition
    • Combination dual-automatic valve/regulator/gas-cock with leakage test cock
    • Operating control and high limit temperature control with manual reset
    • Water flow switch
    • Pressure relief valve set at 125 psig
    • Temperature-pressure gauge
    • On-off firing mode
    • 24V control circuit transformer
    • CSD-1 control system


  • Boiler/water heater

    • Propane burner
  • Controls & Trim

    • Pressure relief valve set at 30, 50, or 75 psig
    • Base for two or more boilers
    • Bronze circulating pump
    • Stack sensor/pump delay
  • Valve Packages

    • Low Temp. Systems: For inlet water temperature below 140ºF
    • Hydronic Systems: For use in hydronic applications with low temperature rises
  • Tank / Heater Packages

    • Available with Ace Series Storage Tanks pre-piped to one or more heaters, floor- or skid-mounted, insulated and jacketed
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