Ajax E Series High Efficiency Condensing Boiler & Water Heater

High thermal efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and minimal NOx emissions. Up to 9:1 turndown ratio, adapting to different usage scenarios. A future-focused solution.


Hospitals, office buildings, schools, military bases, resorts


    • 316L stainless steel, condensing heat exchanger
    • Extremely low NOx emissions
    • Field convertible from NG to LPG
    • Maximum setpoint of 194°F (Boiler) and 185°F (Water Heater)
    • Integrated relays for main power supply
    • Outdoor model by default
    • Easy placement with lifting lugs and side access of a forklift
    • Easy access during commissioning and maintenance
    • Direct-spark ignition
    • Sealed combustion
    • Low gas pressure operation 3.5 in H2O NG; 8 in H2O CP
    • Vertical and horizontal vent termination
    • Category IV venting up to 150 feet for both inlet and exhaust
    • On/Off main power switch
    • High and low gas pressure switches with manual reset
    • Flow switch

Control Module

    • Integrated cascade manager up to 16 units
    • Easy to use full text display
    • Most important connectivity options for CH systems, like 0-10V, OpenTherm and Modbus
    • Password security
    • Low water flow safety control and indication
    • Freeze protection
    • Service reminder
    • Time clock
    • Hours running
    • Ignition attempts
    • Last 10 lockout
    • Night setback (on CH model)
    • Boost functionality (on CH model)
    • High voltage alarm connection
    • 18 languages integrated, including English, French and Spanish
    • Inlet and outlet temperature sensors

User Interface

    • Easy to use touch screen
    • All cascaded units visible in one touch screen
    • Cascade performance graph visible
    • Single unit performance graph visible
    • Boiler status screen shows most important values, like temperatures, status of the unit and much more
    • 6 languages integrated, including English, French and Spanish
    • Outdoor reset screen for easy adjustments