S – Series ASME Potable Water Storage Tanks/Calorifiers

Designed in a range of capacities with ASME-certified materials. Our selection of tank linings extend tank life and ensure potable water. Ideal for hospitals, universities, hotels, and institutions.


Hospitals, universities, hotels/motels, correctional facilities

Standard tank openings provide

    • Effective circulation of makeup and heater water.
    • Maximum hot water storage and “draw” capacity.
    • Broad selection of tank linings are available to extend tank life and ensure clean, safe, potable water.


    • 18″ – 72″ diameter tanks
    • ASME Section VIII cement-lined (150 psig MAWP)
    • ASME Section IV glass-lined (125 psig MAWP)
    • Vertical or horizontal models available


    • Cement: Heavy duty, resists cracking, good for temps to 180° F
    • Pre-Krete: Suitable for soft, acidic, or low pH water.
    • Epoxy: High Temperature NSF lining 203° F
    • Ace Glass: Porcelain Glass Enamel
    • Unlined: Low cost storage for non-potable & non-sanitary water.
    • Stainless Steel: Suitable for very soft, acidic, or high pH water.


  • Outlet water temperature to:

    • 160°F Max – Glass lining
    • 180°F Max – Cement lining
    • 203°F Max – Epoxy
    • 350°F Max – Pre-Krete lining

    Standard maximum allowable storage section working pressure 150 psig (125 psig available)