Unfired Steam Generators PSB

High purity steam, quiet operation, ready to install. The fully packaged system generates process, clean, or pure steam. Engineered for medical sterilization, humidification, and research applications.


Industrial plants, commercial buildings, universities, correctional facilities


    • Fully controlled and insulated, ready to operate with level, pressure, and double safety controls
    • All 316/L wetted surfaces on the clean steam side
    • Integral steam separator produces dry steam
    • Single point connections minimizing field installation costs
    • Horizontal, combination and vertical configurations available
    • Steam output pressures up to 150 PSI
    • Fully modulating energy input
    • Fully modulating feedwater input
    • Steam, boiler water, thermal fluids, and high temperature water as the heat source
    • Building management system capable via ModBus IP or built-in BacNet IP
    • ASME B&PV Code Sec. VIII, Div. 1, U/UB stamped


    • NEMA 4X control panel
    • Electronic feedwater control system (normally closed – fail safe) with isolation valve and modulating valve
    • Digital steam pressure readout
    • Analog steam pressure gauge
    • Low water cut-off with alarm, relay and manual reset
    • High water cut-off
    • High pressure cut-out switch with alarm, relay and manual reset
    • Continuous level control system – requires coordination from the deaerator tank/feedwater pump manufacturer for start/stop
    • Stainless steel sight glass
    • ASME Code and National Board
    • Section I stamped pressure relief valve (bronze – stainless steel wetted parts)
    • Automatic surface blowdown system, conductivity based with isolation valve and on/off valve
    • Quick and slow opening tandem bottom blowdown valves
    • 3.0” thick rigid fiberglass insulation, 26-gauge stainless steel jacket
    • Liquid tight non-metallic conduit and fasteners for all external wiring


    • Timed bottom blowdown
    • Blowdown cooler
    • Skid mounting
    • PLC panel
    • Tube Material – Titanium, Duplex Alloys
    • 18”-150# ASME B16.5 flanged and hinged manway
    • Touchsafe/IP rated control panels
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