Liberty Series High Efficiency Condensing Boiler & Water Heater

Modular design, low emissions, advanced controls. Liberty Series™ boilers are the premier space heater and domestic hot water solution.


Hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, laundry


    • 94%+ thermal efficiency
    • Honeywell SOLA control standard
    • Modulating pre-mix combustion system
    • Up to 5.3:1 turndown
    • Low NOx, high efficiency knit metal fiber burner
    • 316L Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
    • Smart Control ready
    • Built-in lead-lag capability (8 Units Max.)
    • Range of available sizes
    • ASME Section IV H-Stamped rated to 160psig, 250ºF
    • Available in natural or LP gas*
    • Factory warranty: (2yr. Parts/5 yr. Burner/10yr. HX.)
    • Full carton packaging

Control Specifications

    • Flame safe guard controller with integrated operating, modulating & high limit safety controls
    • Touchscreen Operator Interface Panel to monitor boiler status, lockouts, alerts, flame signal, and control temperatures as well as configure boiler settings.
    • 4-20mA signal input for remote modulation
    • Digital input for remote reset and time of day setback
    • Modbus RS485 communication allows access to operating, safety and burner data
    • Lockout and safety alerts history record contains up to 15 detailed snapshots of the system when lockout occurred
    • PID Load control system for central heat loop
    • Interrupted pilot with spark ignition & air cooled UV scanner for monitoring pilot & main flame
    • Two single element temperature sensors for: inlet & outdoor temperature
    • Dual element safety limit (UL 353) temperature sensor for outlet water temperature
    • Outdoor reset control with programmable heating curve
    • Algorithm prioritization for burner demand (central heating and frost protection) and firing rate limit
    • Programmable safety and boiler protection features for: frost protection, slow start, delta-T limit, stack-T limit and boiler-T limit
    • Pump control contacts for central heat & system pumps with purge time control and frost protection (pump included as additional option)
    • Three levels of password protection for end user, installer/service engineer and manufacturer
    • Additional interlock terminals for pre-ignition, recycle and lockout interlocks