Ace Indirect Water Heaters at UC Irvine Medical Center

Published: April 9, 2024

In the halls of a hospital, the very walls echo with the weight of responsibility. Solid hospital infrastructure is as important as medical staff expertise. Every corner of a hospital, from its foundation to its fixtures, must uphold standards of safety and functionality. Such components are critical to patient well-being.
When we took on the job for UC Irvine Medical Center, we knew our significant role. Water heating systems must operate seamlessly for patient care and safety. These systems are vital for sterilization, sanitation, hygiene, and patient comfort. Thus, the project engineers came to us for reliable, high-quality solutions.
The medical center expansion was one of the largest construction projects in Orange County, California. The site is 482,428 square feet with 7 stories, 236 beds (bringing total beds to 424), 15 high-tech operating rooms, and two dedicated cardiac catheterization lab suites. It includes conference rooms, neonatal intensive care beds, and a state-of-the-art burn unit with eight beds.
Provided with these parameters and a few more specifications, Ace Heaters came up with a plan. To service the kitchen, Ace Mini-Pack semi-instantaneous water heaters would provide precise temperature control and thermal efficiency in a compact water heater package. These units are constructed with rust-free austenitic stainless steel and copper for all domestic water contact surfaces. The Mini-Packs provide the 140° F domestic hot water temperature at 75 gpm. They use 3153 lb/hr of steam at 30 psi to the control valve.
For humidification purposes in operating and patient rooms, two Ace Unfired Steam Generators were installed. These work as commercial humidifiers to provide pure steam with quiet operation. They’re dependable, fully packaged, and came ready to install. The Unfired Steam Generators provide an impressive 2500 pounds of steam per hour at 70 psi from 180° F feed water. These steam humidification units generate 3364 pounds of saturated steam per hour at 115 psi supplied to the control valve.
Ace Heaters is proud of the contribution our units have made to this prestigious and high-profile facility. UC Irvine Medical Center opened in 1976 and is now a top medical center, garnering many awards and honors like:
  • One of “America’s Best Hospitals” by U.S News & World Report.
  • The only hospital in Orange County with a Level 1 trauma center. The American College of Surgeons recognizes the facility as an Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center.
  • First to receive the Magnet Designation for nursing excellence in Orange County.
  • Only Comprehensive Cancer Center in Orange County – the highest honor bestowed by the National Cancer Institute.
Ace water heating and humidification solutions left a lasting impression. The contractor’s opinion of Ace commercial water heaters? “Excellent” Phil Fillers, QAQC, of Pan Pacific Plumbing had to say. Allen Chan, Project Engineer with Control Air added, “Overall trouble-free installation and operation. Good units with steady steam output.”
It’s clear: the project engineers and contractors chose Ace Heaters units because they offer superior performance and reliability. When Ace commits to a project, we ensure full understanding of the application standards and specifications. We cater to our customers and deliver a considered solution. Contact us today for more information.